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Life's too short to feel like sh!t

Chill with a Unique Alcohol Alternative

Hemp Infused Cold Brew Tea


Swap alcohol for our hemp tea cold brew and experience:

Better health.
Better sleep.
Better mental clarity.
Better emotional state.
The best version of you.

Hello, good vibes, good times, and brighter days.

Goodbye, hangovers, regrets, and nights you won't remember.

Find your unique sipping flavor

Crafted in small batches. Ready to enjoy.

No additives. No artificial flavors or colors.

Made with premium ingredients

A distinct blend of single-origin teas and fruit juices combined with the natural goodness of hemp and the invigorating power of caffeine provides a satisfying experience for both body and mind. 

premium tea leaves Chilled Leaf Tea drink
natural fruit used in Chilled Leaf Tea
ginger used in Chilled Leaf Tea
mango used in Chilled Leaf Tea
juniper berries and lemongrassused in Chilled Leaf Tea
grapefruit used in Chilled Leaf Tea

Brewed chilled. Store chilled. Enjoy chilled. Live chilled.

Keep refrigerated. Shake vigorously before opening. Please enjoy within 30 days of receiving.

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