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Deep rich caramel notes, offset with smoke, ginger, and a lift of lemon, our Ginger & Smoke Tea Tonic nods at a whiskey sour but without the side effects of alcohol and much more intriguing.


Using our unique cold brew process helps retain vital antioxidants and protects the delicate flavors of tea, a single-origin black tea blend of Keemun and Lapsang Souchong is brewed and infused with 15 micrograms of hemp extract.  


Chilled Leaf Cold Brew Tea provides a non-alcoholic alternative to your drinking experience. Balancing wellness with taste, you will feel the calming effects and experience a vibrant taste of tea.  


Get shilled, stay chilled, live chilled.

12 x 12oz Cans: Ginger Smoke

  • 12 - 12oz Cans

  • Cold Brew Tea (Filtered Water, Tea Leaves), White Grape Juice, Herbal Tea (Filtered Water, Ginger Root), Lemon Juice, Hemp Extract - 15 micrograms active - vegetable glycerin, purified water, MCT oil, hemp extract, lysolecithin, soy lecithin) Less than 2%: Potassium Sorbate

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